Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank Customer Care & Balance Enquiry

By | March 23, 2020
Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank Toll Free Number

The Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank was established under the power of the Central Bank of India and its powers which were operative in the regions of the state of Bihar. It has its headquarters that are situated in the city of Muzaffarpur. It has around branches that are spread over all the parts in the northern part of the state of Bihar and are almost around 1020 in its numbers. All these branches, this headquarter and even the bank have all been sponsored by the Central Bank of India as mentioned and discussed in detail earlier over here. Among all it has branches, it has its branches in all the areas of this locality whether they are rural, urban or even the semi-urban regions of the area. If we talk about the numbers, then in the rural areas there are around 883 branches and if on the other hand, talk about the urban and the semi-urban branches then they are approximately 137 in its numbers.

Toll-Free Numbers of Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank Customer Care

The bank is highly and focused and determined genuinely to provide good and easy services and facilities to its users and customers so that they can provide them with the best of the services that any bank provides to its users mainly.

So, in order to solve this mushrooming problem, this bank provides the service and the much-undertaken facility of letting its users receive all the details that are therein required by its customers in just a dial or a click of few buttons.

It is well equipped with providing access to its users and customers of all the details that are therein required for queries of any customer.

Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank Customer Care Numbers

The best facility apart from all this that this bank provides which is a plus over all the other available best options is that it is a toll-free number that is provided by this bank, which means to say that it is a number which can provide its services by way of a missed call or a message and it will be free of cost in its nature and will not cost even a single penny by its customers.

  • ATM Department number is 8102913020 and the Credit Department number is 7488273925
  • Financial Inclusion Department number is 0621-2243894
  • General Administration Department number is 7488273927
  • Human Resource and Development (HRD) number is 0621-3200353
  • Information Technology Department (IT) number is 7488253495
  • Inter Branch Reconciliation (IBR) number is 7488273865
  • NEFT Department number is 8102913028
  • Operation Department (OPR) number is 0621-2243894
  • Email us: [email protected]
  • Mini statement :06243 265013

How to Check Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank Balance Enquiry

They provide details like the details of giving information about the passbook update of any customer and also the details of the balance that is available in anyone’s account or the access to the balance inquiry of one’s account.uttar bihar gramin bank customer care toll free number balance enquiry

It means to say that this bank provides these services also by a way of an SMS or giving a missed call on the numbers, that is, the balance inquiry number and the numbers available for getting the status and the required details of one’s ATM.


Since this is the era of digitalization and digital times and so getting access to all this information requires a lot of effort, money and also consumes a lot of time and hence, the general working patterns and the schedule of these customers are therein disturbed to a lot of extents.  

The more details that are to be needed by one in regard to this bank and all the other facilities that it provides in mentioned hereunder

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