Uber Eats Customer Care & Toll Free Helpline Number, Email ID

By | July 7, 2018

Uber Eats Customer Care Number: There are several Mobile Application has been introduced within 5 year’s length, in India which gives facility of “Online Meal Ordering” such as Foodpandagivesmato, Swiggy, and newly introduced Uber Eat’s.

It has been introduced previously in United States in 2014 and now they have brought this in India after viewing the Indian Market prospective. They have begun their business from Mumbai after doing partnership with several famous Restaurant’s and day by day they are developing their business. They will cover vital cities such as New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and many more.

They are going to take the market by giving 30 minutes or less delivery timing to their customer’s or user’s. Another main points are Price, Location and Popularity. Then, Question comes “How to Place an Order ?”.

  • Firstly, you need to download its Mobile Application which is present on iOS and Android dais.
  • Then, Open the “App” and set your present Location.
  • All closest Restaurants with their Menu’s will be shown.
  • Now, place an Order and set the quantity of your Order.
  • Now, press on “Add to Cart” Button and Make the Payment. (Paytm is Accepted)
  • At last, they will ask you to generate the Account and while the method give your Address.

Now, they are receiving payment’s through Paytm Wallet, Debit Card and Credit Card’s only.

Several user’s will face many problems while placing order’s and generating account. For assistance, they have designed a page whose name is “Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’S)”.

FAQ’s- It defines question’s that are asked again and again by thier user’s to thier brace team. Rather of answering again and again they have generated a page where you will discover all answer’s and it will also secure the time of thier user’s.

FAQ’s Link: https://about.ubereats.com/en_in/new_delhi/faq/

Uber Eats Customer Care Helpline Number- Not Available Right Now

Also, we wish you all to learn that they have not begun any type of contact number. Those users who wish to associate them than they should thier “Mobile App“. You can make grumble and ask anything aboit Payment’s, Account’s, Promo Code’s, Free Foods and many more.

  • Firstly, open the App.
  • Then, go you your User Profile’s where you will view the schedule.
  • Now, Open the “Help” button you will view two alternative “Accounts & Payment and guide to Uber Eat’s”, in the schedule.
  • Now, open guide to Uber Eat’s>Basics>I have a Different Question regarding Uber Eat’s.
  • At last, you will view a blank space write your question and yield it.

Like and Follow all thier “Social Profile Pages”.

  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/ubereats
  • Twitter: twitter.com/ubereats
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/UberEATS/

Tip: Uber Eat’s is combined with Uber Ride Application which will aid travelling customer to make order while his or her Journey.

12 thoughts on “Uber Eats Customer Care & Toll Free Helpline Number, Email ID

  1. Dr Mahesh Kumar

    I have problem with ubereats not for the first time my promocode is not applied my order number is C1FC4.i have been already complained about this problem I am not even replied as even a basic courtesy .

  2. Ramzan Ali Khan

    Dear sir,
    I am from in mumbai & I want a job uber eats for biker food delivery boy
    Please send a uber eats office address and contact number

  3. Kajal

    I have a restaurant in Chennai Tamilnadu, I would like a collab with you.

  4. Prakash Kataria

    My pay TM account has been debited with uber eat order with out any transaction and my permission.

    Plz contact me ASAP.



  6. Krish kario

    Not able to add payment mode and asking to select as cash but I don’t have cash payment uber.

  7. Maha

    Hi, Please make a rule for delivery people to maintain optimal speed while driving.
    Many of the times they are over speed leading to accidents.

  8. Sajida Abdul Kader

    I don’t have any balance to pay in ubereats for the food I ordered last time. I ordered food for cash. But now when I tried to order food this time it is telling that I have to pay rs. 153/-balance via paytm. Then only i can order food for further. But I don’t have any balance in paytm. So what can I do to order food further in this ubereats?. Pls reply me at baajikader @gmail. com

  9. Tushar Pawar

    I am atuch my kicten please. you are contact me and my phone number is 7428120478. please you are call me


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