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By | January 6, 2019

SBI (State Bank of India) is a massive financial service provider of the country having its root widespread all over the parts of India. SBI offers various services to its employees and customers and is known for updating things now and then. There are services of internet banking like HRMS for its employees and corporate and personal banking service for their valuable customers. With so many other services, SBI has introduced another service of EMS which is specially curated for the permanent employees of the bank. The other banks associated with SBI can also avail this service. Not many people have heard of SBI EMS portal if they are not an employee in the State Bank of India. The main reason behind it is that only the employees of the bank can have access to the SBI EMS portal. EMS stands for Enterprise Messaging Service, and each employee of the State Bank of India and any of its partner bank is assigned an email address. One thing to notice is that not everybody has access to the portal. Also, the request to access the portals and to obtain the portal credential is subjected to approval.


What is EMS?

EMS is very crucial as it is designed for helping the work gets done more fluently and easily. There are a lot of benefits offered by the introduction of EMS as it allows one to do all the work without disturbing others and without getting disturbed by others at the same time. Some of the key benefits of the EMS are given below which shows why is it recommended and why is it beneficial for the employees of the bank as well as the customers and how both of them can get the best out of it. EMS or Employment management system is helpful in managing the employees of the bank as it provides the easiest solution for solving the issues that typically are solved physically in a workplace. It also helps in tracking down the performances of employees which leads to a boost in the performance of the workers. The employees can focus on their goals and control the work that they need to do. When it comes to SBI, it has one of the biggest work systems with a massive number of customer base all over the country. The bank needs to deal with customers on a regular basis however they need a clean working process to provide the services efficiently. It is only possible when the employee can concentrate on the customers and the clients completely without worrying about other things.

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A system like EMS also helps in securing the information of all the employees of the bank at one single platform including all the details. The bank is able to come up with improvements, updates, and better services with the help of this system. His helps the bank to get the quality work done, so the customers get the best expertise and service that they demand and deserve. According to the employees, EMS help in learning about how to work in management, boosting their confidence, improving their work, and doing everything which can help to focus on the primary goal. There are certain criteria for accessing the EMS portal which is all explained further. For those people who wish to have an account in the Enterprise Messaging System of the State Bank of India, they should do the registration where they will receive the password as well as their username. Those employees will also need to contact the admin of EMS or their local head of the department. There are a few things that you should learn before diving deep into the login process of the portal. All the employers and partners of the bank receive an email address which is not an ordinary email but is unique and a bit different from usual. Get to know about the whole process in further in the article.  

SBI EMS Login Portal – Complete Steps

  • This process is only appropriate for the employees of the State Bank of India and for those workers who have access to the SBI EMS portal. All those employees can visit the portal by opening a browser and going to the website link
  • Next step is to enter the username and select the accurate domain once the portal is opened on the screen. For instance, State Bank of Patiala employees must select, and SBI employees would have to choose
  • After filling in the username, enter the password and press the sign in button. This will redirect you to the EMS Dashboard.

Now, you can start using your own EMS account and the services which come from it. If you experience any issue logging into your EMS account, the online SBI enterprise messaging self-password reset process is easy. If an employee forgets his/her login password, then he/she is required to call the EMS call centre to reset the [password. You can get in touch with the SBI customer help desk via three medium as mentioned ahead. You should get help from the SBI EMS IP voice call number – 0222756679, SBI EMS Email – [email protected] and EMS Helpline Number – 100123, 100124, 100127. Contacting any of these will help you solve your queries regarding Enterprise Messaging Service.

EMS SBI Login – Key Points

  • When the request for activating the EMS account is submitted, and the bank approves it, the account would get activated within the 24 hours’ time interval from the time of approval.
  • The access to the EMS portal is not given to all the bank employees by default, but to those who submit the request for activation of EMS account to the IT department, administrator or the EMS chief of the bank.
  • When the account is activated, the applicant will receive a username and a password. The password is an OTP, and the user would have to alter it after the first login.
  • The OTP provided will only be active for some time of up to 90 days from the issuing day. One of the most critical thing about the password is that to maintain the privacy and security, the portal and bank have been designed and curated in such a way that the password expires within 90 days. The users will need to change his/her passwords in every 90 days log cycle.
  • If a user forgets the password that he set for the portal. He/she will need to contact the EMS helpline and acquire the passwords after submitting the verification credentials that are required.
  • If a user enters the wrong password for more than five times, the EMS account will stay disabled for half an hour. In this situation, a person can only try logging in to the portal after half an hour.
  • If you try logging into your account after changing the DNS to configure the proxy settings, the portal will not be ready for using it just yet.
  • Always remember to not share the username and password with anyone and not even with a single concerned staff once the nee password id set after the first log in the job.

If you have any query or complaints then please contact by following contact details

  • SBI EMS Customer Care Number: 022-2756679
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • VoIP Phone Number: 100123, 100127 and 100124

Hope, you got complete contact details to solve your query related State Bank of India Enterprise Messaging Services.

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