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By | January 6, 2019

If you want to know SBI Balance Enquiry? then, here we are providing SBI Account Balance check number to get missed call & SMS alert of your account balance with mini statement.

Almost every citizen of India has a bank account today, no matter which bank it may be. There are a number of private and public sector banks in which you may get an account opened in the form of savings, current, or any other form as per requirement. Among the list of the banks, the largest public-sector bank is the State Bank of India which has a number of accounts that are opened by people. There are a number of services that it offers among which one is the balance enquiry service that helps you to know your balance.

How to Check SBI Account Balance Enquiry?

There are a number of reasons because of which you might require to check your balance from time to time. These include the following:

  • You might need to check the balance to know if the salary has been credited to your account or not. If you have opted for SMS service such that whenever a transaction takes place, you receive a message, then, of course, you won’t need it. But otherwise, this is the only way to find it if your hard-earned money has been deposited to your bank account.
  • To check if the EMIs are getting deducted regularly for the loans that you might have taken. It is essential to check that the same is happening continuously and to know if your account has enough balance for deduction of the same.
  • Next reason behind your requirement to check balance can be LIC instalments that are being deducted via regular ECS. Again, checking for the sufficient balance is important as you wouldn’t want your policy to get deactivated.
  • The other reason to keep checking your balance from time to time is to make sure that the interest has been deposited by the bank on your money and the deductions made by them are correct and authentic. If you notice a service addition that has been added without your application, you may question the service provider regarding the same.
  • Also, checking your balance regularly will help you to make sure that no fraudulent transactions have taken place in your account and that money is there as it was.
  • In case of a cheque deposition, it becomes essential to inquire about the balance to know whether or not it has been increased by the amount for which the cheque has been submitted to be credited.

Apart from these, there may be many other reasons that may require you to check the balance and be aware of your own money with the bank. To help you with the same, SBI has provided and launched a number of the platform to help you with the same.

SBI Balance Check through Passbook Entry

In earlier days, the most common way of knowing one’s account balance was to visit the branch where the account had been opened and get a passbook entry done. You can do the same today as well; this is the offline mode of knowing your balance.

With time and the increase in usage of internet services and easy plans of data available in the market, banks have too developed their websites and today offer a number of services in the form of net banking, phone banking, etc. which have further made things easy for the customers. There are a number of ways via which you can get to know your bank account balance. Let’s read about all of them, one by one.

SBI Balance Enquiry by Missed Call Banking

Whether you need to know your balance or get a mini statement, SBI has made it simple for everyone. All one needs to do is to give a missed call or send a message. This is a free service provided by SBI to its customers, make sure that your number is registered with the bank and is connected to your account. You need to go through a one-time registration process which requires you to SMS “REG<space>Account Number” to 09223488888 from your registered mobile number. Once registered successfully, you may check your balance, get a mini statement or avail other services any time you want, simply by giving a missed call on 09223766666.

SBI Account Balance Check by SMS Alert

Did you know that you can even know about your balance and even get a statement just by sending an SMS? The third way after passbook entry and missed call service, of getting to know the balance is with the help of an SMS, all you need to do is send “BAL” to 09223766666. You may also receive a mini statement by sending an SMS “MSTMT” to 09223766666, and you will receive what you have been waiting for.

How to Check SBI Online Balance Enquiry is where you can log in internet banking. This facility has been started to help the customers in doing banking anytime anywhere without being restricted by geographical boundaries or time. To avail this service, contact your branch, you may even download the registration form from the website.

Once you have registered and started using the internet banking service, you will be able to see your balance in it and can also generate a mini or detailed statement as per the requirement. Make sure that you change the password regularly to keep your account safe.

Get SBI Account Balance by Phone Banking

  • To register for phone banking, you need to call the contact centre at the toll-free number which is 1800112211 or 18004253800 or toll number 080-26599990.
  • You will be required to enter the ATM card number, account number, mobile number, and PIN in case you are not calling from the registered mobile number.
  • Once the registration has been done, you will receive a phone banking password of six digits on your registered mobile number.
  • The other way to register for phone banking is by registering through the ATM.
  • Select the “Phone Banking Registration” option; you will be required to enter the mobile number on the screen, once you do that, the password for the same will be sent on your mobile number which is registered with the bank.
  • Yet another way to register for it is to contact your branch and submit the phone banking registration form, once this is done, a pre-generated password will be given to you.
  • Once the registration has been done successfully, you can avail the services of balance enquiry and can generate statement up to period six months which will be sent to your registered email id.

Visit ATM to Check SBI Balance Enquiry

ATM has made things easy for us, hasn’t it? Not only does it allow to withdraw cash but also helps in availing the other services like fund transfer, mobile number update, phone banking registration, etc.; among these services, one is balanced enquiry.

All you need to do is swipe your ATM cum debit card, and enter the ATM pin. Once the options become visible on screen, select the balance inquiry option. You can get a receipt printed for the same. If you want a little more information, then you may also opt for the mini statement option which lets you know the details for the last ten days.

Apart from the above-mentioned ways, there are three apps that have been launched by the SBI which are SBI Anywhere, SBI Online, and SBI Anywhere Saral.

  • SBI Anywhere app can be downloaded by the SBI customers on their Android and iOS devices. It provides the customers with mobile banking facilities. This can be availed simply by entering the required credentials, once you log in, then you may select the required options such as balance enquiry, mini statement etc.
  • SBI Online app can be downloaded by the SBI customers on their smartphones to use different banking services such as NEFT, IMPS, etc. This app is like net banking service; here you can enter the details in the same way and then you will be all ready to browse the plethora of services that it offers, among which one is balance enquiry.
  • SBI Anywhere Saral app is for the corporate customers who use the SBI internet banking services for corporates. It too provides a number of services to them which includes mini statement, recharge facility, balance enquiry, etc.

By now you must have understood that SBI takes the customer service very seriously and therefore has not only established a number of platforms but is also maintaining and upgrading them from time to time. All these platforms and services are absolutely and safe and secure to use, and you need not worry regarding any of these.

It is really important and crucial that you keep an eye on your account balance from time to time as it is your money and in the end, it is solely your responsibility. SBI has already been putting the best foot forward and is well aware of everything that a customer might require. This is the reason that it has been successful in winning the hearts of people and increasing their customer base with such ease.


Hope, after reading about all the options present for sbi balance enquiry, you will now know what to do whenever you are required to check the balance. Do share this information with your family and friends as well!

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