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By | March 23, 2020
purvanchal bank customer care toll free number balance enquiry

These are the main and the basic details of this bank that helps and gives a conveyance and an easy medium to the facilitators and the users or the customers who avail the facilities and the services of this bank. This makes the process herein taken for their use to be much easier and convenient and is hence, a very preferred bank by the majority of the users just because of the convenience and the service that it provides. Along with providing with the facility of a mobile number or a telephone number, it also provides the helpful facility of an email where the customers can register their complaints and get access to all the information that they need for serving their needs, requirements and the purpose at ease. Apart from having all these benefits, it also provides the benefit of giving the service of a toll-free number, which means access to a number which is free of cost. 

Toll-Free Numbers of Purvanchal Bank Customer Care

The Purvanchal Bank Customer Care toll-free number for balance inquiry can any time easily, from anywhere can make a call on this toll-free number that is provided hereunder. It also provides the SMS alert and the missed call service numbers to check and after that get the required mini statement of the bank account balance, that that person is holding. The details for the Purvanchal Bank to give access to their customers and users to enjoy the services made by this bank and also to make any queries any point of time whenever they want to can make their claims and queries with the help of the numbers and all the information and details that are provided herein below: 

  • Purvanchal Bank Toll-Free Number: 1800-3000-0620
  • ATM Tollfree : 1800-3000-0620 / 8106573542
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Any Information and complaint: 0551-2230210
  • NEFT/ RTGS/IMPS queries Email Address: [email protected]   
  • NEFT/ RTGS/IMPS Toll-Free Number: +91-551-2230164 
  • Issues Email Address: [email protected]
  • Issues Toll-Free Number: +91-551-2230163

About Purvanchal Bank:

The northeast region of Uttar Pradesh is known as Purvanchal. The Government of India by an Official Gazette, by a notification on 12th September 2005 for the first time amalgamated two profit-making and well established RRBs by exercising the powers that were conferred to it therein. This land and place is supposed to be and regarded as the holy land of Lord Buddha, Gorakhnath and Kabir. Section 23A of the RRB Act conferred these powers under subsection 1 of the said Act.

This was something, which happened for the first time in a while, in the said place under the provisions, and the powers conferred under the said Act. These two well-established and profit-making RRBs were the Basti Bank and the Gorakhpur Kshetriya Bank. Both these banks were amalgamated and formed into one single bank, namely the Purvanchal Bank. This bank has its main office at Gorakhpur and also worked through its network. It had a network that was spread over 571 branches. It is spread and expanded over seven districts of Purvanchal. They have many employees working, and they work for the moral and the noble cause and are very devoted and hard-working in nature. They have a very positive attitude towards their work and their job.  

This effort and step by the government have helped people to become self-dependent and contribute to the national growth at both the federal and the state levels. The efforts taken by them are therefore with respect to the national as well as the state level priorities both.

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