Jio Message Center Numbers For India’s All States [2021 Updated]

By | January 26, 2021
Jio Message Center Numbers
Nowadays Jio company has become a company with huge customers and it also competes with top-level companies so the SIM cards of such Geo company are used by many customers and this company gives a lot of offers to their customers and customers also benefit from that offer.  But often the customer who uses the SIM card in the device finds an error in the SMS service center number so the customer cannot avail of the service provided by the company i.e. they have a problem with the SMS service.  So first of all you go to your device and change the SMS service center number and enter the SMS service center number of your state and be ready to take advantage of the free SMS service you get.


Jio Message Center Numbers for Users

You will be able to send and receive SMS to your device only when you have to verify your Jio SMS service center number and enter the correct SMS service center number of your state in your device to continue your SMS service.

To continue the SMS service, the customer must first go to App Management on their device, open the settings, and enter the Jio SMS Service Center number in the Messages app.

Jio SMS Centar Number

Phone Number

Andhra Pradesh +919885005444
Assam +917012075009
Bihar +917012075009
Chhattisgarh +917010075009
Chennai +917012075009
Delhi +917010075009
Gujarat +917012075009
Haryana +917012075009
Himachal Pradesh +917010075009
Jammu and Kashmir +917010075009
Jharkhand +917010075009
Madhya Pradesh +917010075009
Mumbai +917012075009
North East +917012075009
Karnataka +917010075009
Kerala +917012075009
Kolkata +97012075009
Orissa +917010075009
Punjab +917012075009
Rajasthan +917010075009
Telangana +917010075009
Uttar Pradesh west +917010075009
Uttar Pradesh east +917010075009
West Bengal +917010075009

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