Idea Message Center Numbers For India’s All States [2021 Updated]

By | January 3, 2021
Idea Message Center Numbers
If you are confused about getting a message center number to continue your SMS service, you can get that number from this place.  In which all the message center numbers are given as if you have given the original message to a friend or relative but for some reason, the message could not reach their device from their device then in case you check your message center number then change the number.
For the message number for that. Nathan is given.  For which you can use your message number.

IDEA Message Center Numbers for Users

To change the SMS center number on Android
messaging application> setting> advance settings> massage center number option> enter sms center number> no successfull in changing the sms center number
Idea SMS Centar Number Phone Number
Andhra Pradesh +919848009198
Bihar +919708000198
Assam +919085000198
Chattisgarh +917314031414
Delhi +918744000198
Goa +919822012345
Gujarat +919824000198
Haryana +918684000198
Himachal Pradesh +919882900198
Jammu and Kashmir +919086046198
Maharastra +919822000198
Madhya Pradesh +919826000198
Mumbai +919702000198
Karnataka +919804099026
Kerala +919847112345
Kolkata +919088100198
Orissa +919090000198
Punjab +919781500198
Rajasthan +919887010198
Telangana +919848009198
Tamilnadu +919092000198
Uttar Pradesh west +918941000198
Uttar Pradesh east +918576000198
West Bengal +919093100198

Other Company Number

Idea Message Setup Your Phone 

Now, we are going to tell you how to update the message center number for Idea or any other operator. The process varies from phone to phone. Therefore, here is the basic concept.

  • Go to the “Messages” app (if you are using Android or iOS) or click on the “Messages” icon.
  • Go to the message settings section.
  • You will definitely get the option to change your message center number.
  • If you have a dual SIM enabled phone then choose your favorite SIM card.
  • Now, you can change the number by typing or entering the correct number.

Update SMS Center Number

If you want to update the Idea SMS Center number on your phone, you can make changes as per the details given below.

Click on the message then go to settings and then go to updated settings

Now you will see that SMS center number, select your mobile carrier, then you will be able to update the SMS service center

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