How to Activate SBI Debit Card Green Pin By SMS, Call, ATM or Online

By | November 12, 2018

If you don’t know how to activate SBI debit card green pin by SMS, call, ATM, online or toll-free number then, here we are providing complete step by step instructions. You can also generate SBI pin online by visiting official website.

State Bank of India is the country’s largest commercial bank, announcing to launch green pin. We were appointed by SBI chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya on February 19, 2016. Green Pin Initiative Paperless banking is a step by step, which is beneficial for SBI customers and employees. Employees will not be able to maintain the physical custody of atm pin .Instead, they can be deposited in other beneficial operational analysis, thus benefiting Green Pin Generation employees. Also, customers do not need to visit physical shares to get an ATM PIN, thus it is also beneficial to customers.


What is Green Pin? How to Actiate SBI Debit Card

There are various methods and essential requirements to generate green pin for SBI debit card.

SBI (state Bank of India) ATM/Debit card green PIN Generation methods.

  • SBI (State Bank of India) debit card PIN Generation through sms
  • SBI ATM (debit card) PIN Generation through IVR
  • SBI debit card PIN Generation through ATM machine
  • SBI ATM -cum- Debit card green PIN Generation through internet banking or online

Green Pin has been introduced as a replacement for Physical Paper Pin mailers as Go Green initiative to solve Paper and time. Green PIN considerably reduce the carbon footprint of the Bank.It will benefit the customers with more convenience by avoiding delay and visits to branch for submitting regeneration SBI ATM PIN requests.This initiative w save substantial cost on stationary and courier.

Cardholders con set their own Pin immediately for their Debit Cards, by means of OTPs sent to their Registered Mobile Numbers. Branches, have to opt for Green Pin while issuing New Card Repin, After successful processing of the same by the branch, Card holders can visit any ot the IOB ATMs nearby and insert the Cord, immediately an OTP (6 digits) will be generated end sent to Cardholder’s Registered Mobile. On receipt of OTP, Cardholders to insert the Card ugain cnd enter the OTP received in mobile, On entering the correct OTP they will be provided with c screen to choose their own PIN. Customer to enter 4 digit PIN of his choice and confirm again by re entering Ihe same PIN to complete the process successfully.

SBI ATM Debit Card Pin Generate Methods

Green PIN is a simple and convenient way to create a debit card PIN that can be generated by various channels such as ATM, Internet banking and SMS. You can use some options to generate a debit card PIN introduced by SBI which is given as follows:

  • First method : Generating your Debit-cum-ATM PIN through SBI Bank ATM
  • Second method: Generating your Debit-cum-ATM PIN through IVR
  • Third method: Generating your Debit-cum-ATM PIN through Internet Banking
  • Fourth method: Generating your Debit-cum-ATM PIN through SMS

We have seen that different methods have been given to generate a green pin for SBI Debit Card but for these methods you need some items according to the type of method that is shown to you below :

SBI ATM Pin Generate by SMS

You need your Mobile or laptop and a registered mobile number in SBI for debit card PIN generation by SMS.

SBI ATM (debit card) PIN Generation through IVR

To generate SBI ATM or Debit Card PIN by IVR, you need SBI Customer Care Number which will be given to you on this page published by us.

The easiest way to generate SBI Debit Card PIN by SMS is to simply post your message to 567676 using your registered mobile number, and if you can generate your debit card PIN easily, then let’s discuss in detail the following:

  • Send a simple message to the number given below by your registered mobile number: 567676
  • The first message, leave the pin and a little space, enter the last four digits of your debit card number and leave the space again and enter the last four digits of your bank account number.
  • The format for this is as follows: PIN AAAA BBBB Where; AAAA- last four digits of debit card number & BBBB- last four digits of your state bank of India’s account number.
  • Once the SMS is sent, you will receive an OTP to the registered mobile number.The OTP will be valid for 2 days .
  • Now go to the nearest SBI Bank ATM and then generate new PIN using your OTP (Banking > PIN Change).

SBI Debit Card PIN Generate Through ATM Machine

In this method you will have to visit any SBI ATM as well as a new debit card with your SBI and your registered mobile number is required.

To generate SBI ATM PIN by SMS, you need to visit SBI ATM. Just visit any of your SBI ATMs with your registered mobile number and your SBI debit card.
How to generate SBI ATM/Debit card PIN Through SMS :

  • First of all visit any SBI ATM near you.
  • Then enter your SBI debit card in ATM machine.
  • After entering your debit card, you will be shown banking and language listings. There you can select any language according to your convenience.
  • Now you will have to enter your 11 digit account number on the next page .Click Confirm after entering the number of the number.
  • You will be asked to enter your registered mobile number on the screen, enter your registered mobile number there.
  • After entering all these details, you will be sent a otp number message to the registered number.
  • This message is an otp number of six figures sent by SBI, which is your debit card green pin. Which has already generated it.

Note: This otp number will be valid for one day pin (otp) for two days or 48 hours. Thus your SBI ATM – CUM – DEBIT GREEN PIN was generated successfully.

SBI Pin Generation Online

To generate an online SBI Debit Card PIN, you must have a personal account with SBI. You will also need a high-speed network. And as mentioned above, you will need a registered mobile number in the SBI. Important, your PIN is sent by SBI to your registered mobile number.

This is a simple and convenient way to generate SBI ATM cum debit green pin. In this way, you do not have to visit any SBI ATM to pin a debit card. You can generate your atm pin only at home. But if you have a personal account in SBI, then you can generate atm Green Pin this way. To generate an ATM PIN through internet banking, you need to take some measures, which are as follows:

  • Open the sbi online website ( )in your computer.
  • Log on to your internet banking and enter details.
  • Now click on the option of e-services from the main menu.
  • From the next screen, click on the option of atm services from the left menu and click on New ATM Card Activation from the options shown on screen.
  • Enter your new atm card number and click on activate button. Your ATM card will be activated shortly.
  • From the same screen, click on the option of atm services from the left menu and click on atm pin generation from the options shown on the screen.
  • In the new window, select one of the “by One Time password” or “by profile password” option.
  • Now, according to the option selected above on the new screen, OTP (mobile me will be accessed via SMS) or enter your profile password.
  • Now you have to enter the first two digits of the ATM Pin. Type any 2 points of your choice.
  • You will now receive the next 2 digits in your mobile via SMS. Enter it in the field given 2 digits.
  • Now your 4 digit atm pin is ready. In the same way, you can easily generate SBI atm pin in few minutes through internet banking.

ATM Green Pin Generate by SMS, Online, ATM, IVR

So we learned that there are several ways to generate SBI green pin and there are requirements to generate Green Pin from those methods.But we also know that these details are not limited to you for generating SBI green PIN; Talk to us .So let’s discuss in detail the various methods for generating SBI Debit Card Green PIN which are as follows:

Generating a debit card PIN by IVR is an easy way to do all the above methods.SBI 24*7 is present to serve this way. Just so you need to call the SBI Customer Care Number. So let’s see how to generate a debit card PIN by this method:

  • First call your registered mobile number on the following number, which is the SBI Customer Care Service Number 24*7 present for your service.
  • 1800 112211 or 1800 425 3800
  • You will then be asked to enter your 16 digit debit card number from the sbi service department, enter your debit card number.
  • After that you will have to enter the SBI account number.
  • Soon after you enter it you will get the number of otp at the same number. To make this your debit card PIN, please visit your SBI ATM and pin it through this OTP number.

Reasons to Generate SBI ATM Debit Card Green Pin

As you have shown above, you will know how to generate SBI(state bank of India) ATM cum debit PIN. But you may have a question about why we should generate SBI Green Pin for the reasons. What is the reason for generating SBI Green Pin? If you have to generate sbi green pin in the following reasons or have to change:

  1. When you have opened your new bank account and then when your debit card is delivered to your home.
  2. When you have to change your ATM or debit card PIN.
  3. When you forget your ATM card or debit card PIN

In these three cases, you have to change or set up your SBI debit or ATM card PIN.

For your information, let us know that when you open your new SBI account and then your ATM or debit card will be delivered to your home, you will have to make a PIN yourself.

Benefits of ATM CUM Debit Card Green Pin

SBI Debit Card Green Pin is beneficial for both the bank’s staff and customers. So we should find some benefits of SBI Debit Card Green Pin:

With the sbi green pin, bank employees do not need to physically retain information or custody of ATM GREEN PIN.

SBI customers or card holders do not have to visit the bank to take their own ATM GREEN PIN.

The green pin initiative will significantly reduce carbon footprint.

Customers will not need to delay getting their debit card green pin. You can generate a debit card PIN the same day you receive your debit card.

Green Pin initiatives save the cost of stationery and courier by bank and customers.

Important Note: 

We are not affiliated with State Bank of India So, please do not share your SBI ATM Green Pin in the below comment section. For better help support kindly, contact SBI Customer Care Department or you can directly connect with them through official website.

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