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By | March 27, 2020
ekart logistics tracking

When it comes to online shopping in India, Flipkart was the one who revolutionized it. It wasn’t the first one as there were other websites before it. But Flipkart was the first website that took the online purchase discount model and put it to use and thus pushed the growth of e-commerce in India as many other websites followed suit after its conception. 

Flipkart also became a booming business initially as it was the first to introduce the concept of ‘cash on delivery,’ which just means that the payment of the product bought would be made in person when the customer receives it at their doorstep.

Now if you are someone who frequently shops on Flipkart or is deciding to for the first time, then you need to learn about Ekart Logistics, Flipkart’s own courier subsidiary company.


What is Ekart Logistics?

Ekart Logistics or Ekart Courier is an Indian delivery service company that is a subsidiary of Flipkart’s parent company Flipkart Pvt Ltd. 

It was initially started and run by WS Retail Services but was bought by Flipkart Pvt Ltd and now is run by Instakart services Pvt Ltd. 

Ekart is responsible for over 85% of the products being delivered to their customers when ordered from Flipkart. Ekart is also tied up with Apollo pharmacy, for the packages to be delivered to their customers from 283 Apollo drugstore outlets, across ten cities across the country.

Ekart tracking – How to check your delivery status?

Once your order has been confirmed it is practically a waiting game. You patiently wait for that email or SMS on your phone which lets you know that your package has been dispatched. After that, you can regularly check on where your package has reached as it goes from state to state and city to city until it reaches your city or town and then finally to your doorstep.

Here is how you can track your packages being delivered by Ekart Logistics.

  1. Using the official Ekart Logistics website

When you place an order on Flipkart, your package is assigned a unique consignment number (example – OD111381680044960000). This consignment number is also what you use as your tracking id or number to track your package as it is delivered to you.

  • Visit the official website of Ekart Logistics here. ekarttracking.com
  • After that enter your exact consignment number or tracking id in the space which says ‘Enter Tracking id.’ 
  • Then press Enter. 

You should now see an entire summary of the travel route of your package from its destination to its current location. 

The respective dates and the travel of your package from one city to another are logged in real-time linearly from one day to the next. Keep in mind that if your package has not been dispatched yet, then the timeline will show it has not been dispatched yet. 

  1. Using a third-party tracking website

It is never recommendable to use a third-party tracking service to track your package details. Most of the time cannot track in real-time and sometimes give out wrong information. But some tracking services can be used if, for some reason, you are not able to access the original courier’s tracking website.

One such tracking service AfterShip is very reliable and trustworthy in their tracking of courier services. They have tried with 488 courier companies around the world and provide real-time tracking of all the deliveries handled by them nationally and internationally. 

  • Visit the website of AfterShip at www.aftership.com/couriers/ekart.aftership ekart tracking
  • In the space, enter the tracking id or consignment number given to you.
  • Press Enter or select ‘Track’ option to the right.

Just like using Ekart Logistics own website, you will be shown the same timeline of the route taken by your package up to its current location. 

  1. Using Flipkart’s mobile application

If you do not have access to a desktop/laptop or mobile browsing is not your cup of tea, then you can use Flipkart’s mobile application available on both iOS and Android devices to track the status of your package when being delivered by Ekart logistics or any other courier company.

  • Open the Flipkart app on your mobile.
  • Make sure you are logged in with the account that was used to order the package you want to track.
  • In the top left corner you’ll see options menu. You should now see a slide option on the left which lets you select categories, deals, notifications, your account, etc.
  • Select the ‘My Orders’ option. You will see your current live orders and your past orders.
  • Now you only need to select the order that you wish to track.
  • Tap once again in the middle of your screen, and the timeline of your order will be displayed in real-time. 

This is a much easier option as you can track your consignment from anywhere you want and even when you are on the go.

Ekart Logistics – How long does it take to deliver products?

For most people, the deciding factor of choosing one among many websites or in choosing between ordering online or purchasing from retailers boils down to how quickly they can get their hands on the product. 

Delivery of products by Ekart themselves should typically take at the most up to two weeks depending on the product you order and where its source is. It goes without saying that the larger the product, (example – furniture, washing machines, refrigerators, etc) the longer your delivery time will be.

Ekart offers you a one day delivery time guarantee across 50 major cities in India. In New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, delivery times are the fastest on most products with a same-day delivery option, with the time taken ranging from as low as 6 hours to same high as 10 to 11 hours. 

Apart from those 50 cities and outside New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore you can opt for paid faster 1-day or 2-day delivery guarantees, especially during festive sales when there is more rush on the website. 

Ekart Logistics Customer Care Contact Toll-Free Numbers

If you should ever face a problem with the delivery of your consignment, then you can contact customer service through the following channels.

  • Ekart Logistics customer care number – 91-80-67982222
  • Ekart Logistics customer care email address – [email protected]
  • Ekart Logistics Toll-free number – 1800 420 1111

You can also contact Flipkart’s team for any issues with your order or other queries by visiting their website here or by calling their toll-free number – 1800 208 9898.

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