Bluedart Courier Tracking

By | March 27, 2020
bluedart courier tracking

We all have sent products at least once in our life. Our life would be much simpler if we get to know till where our products have reached. Well, Bluedart tracking has made it possible for us. The platform is brilliant when it comes to tracking.

Track Bluedart Courier Online

The platform provides some of the most amazing techniques to track the shipments. Bluedart tracking has understood the importance of tracking between the customers and has worked along with it. The company used the technologies which revolutionized the world of tracking and this is what made the company the most premium company in Asia.

The company has provided its customers with different means of tracking the products. These means are accurate and provide the customers with accurate details about the locations. So what are the different ways through which the company provides the tracking details? But before you come to that, there is something that you need to know. You can track everything for 90 days since the article was dispatched. So, if you want to know how many days will Blue Dart take to deliver? So at maximum, it would be 90. Well, the courier service doesn’t get close enough to 90 days.  Bluedart gives you only this much period because they know that they wouldn’t take more than that.

 So, here are the tools and ways by which you can track your shipment and prepare to welcome it. 

Bluedart Tracking – Different Ways to Track Online

Tools based on the web

  • Track art (Track using waybill number or reference number)

So the first service by which you can track the shipment or the articles is the Trackdart service. This service is amazing in the countries Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India. Have to find the option over the left side of the website over the top of the page. Also, you can track your shipment using that option. Moreover, you can also use the option of tracking by the reference number or the waybill number which you get during the time of the shipment. Track using waybill number or reference number and you would get the real-time status of your shipment.

This waybill number or the reference number is the unique number that is given with every parcel. You can use it for the tracking of the parcel.

  • Shop track

Shoptrack is an amazing technology that is revolutionizing the world of tracking. It is an application program interface which can be used to increase the efficiency of any of the business. The main purpose for the creation of the Shop track was to provide the customers with the effortless services. 

What happened was that due to the services, information and other e-services, the customers used to leave the website because it became too hectic for a person to track the product. This means that the people used to spend less time on the platform. An alternative to this, the websites began to remove the features and turned to the call centers. But to feed such a huge number of people, there were a lot of workforces required for the same. This way, the website also had nothing regarding the other services rather than just the tracking services. This became a huge matter of concern for the companies. 

Shoptrack is a one-time solution for all the tracking related problems. The reason? Well, it is the merging of all the functions of the website along with the tracking options on site. With the help of the shoptrack, the people can use the track options over the website along with enjoying all the other features of the website. All they have to do is enter their unique shipment number, and they would get the real-time location of the shipment. Shoptrack allows saving everything in the real-time in the database of the company. So Bluedart gets a competitive edge over the other platforms in no time. Also, the tool saves a lot of time and capital for the company providing the users with the best of the services and environment along with the great user interface. 

  • Packtrack

Well, this is another great feature of the Bluedart for both the clients and his customers. The platform is an overall solution for all the management purposes for the client. With the help of the Packtrack, the clients can do the inventory control, distribution and handle all the logistics effortlessly. Packtrack helps clients in a variety of ways. It helps the clients to keep track of all of the customers and the distributions related to them. 

The platform is way too easy and efficient for the clients. Also, it is also useful for customers. The queries made by the customer can directly be fetched from the database of the Bluedart, and the quick replies can be made. A client can easily merge the Packtrack with the applications that he uses. All the client need is the Java-based platform which he can use to club the packtrack with. The platform brings the entire chain to the screen of the client, and he can easily use the platform for his welfare. Packtrack helps the client by providing him a CRM like structure which he can use to get done with the things. 

The tools like these take the tracking and the management to a whole new level. By providing easy B2B solutions, the tool is really effective in providing direct C2C and B2B transactions. 

With the help of the two platforms mentioned above, the following things can be done effortlessly:

  •   ASP and JSP Support
  •   Results in the formats like the HTML, TEXT, and XML for the easy handling
  •   The status of the waybills which are linked to the orders. 
  •   Real-time status of the waybill number in seconds. 
  • Maildart

You know about the reference number or the waybill number. The unique number is of great use as it helps to track your shipment. You can use this number even to track the multiple shipments. 

To track the shipments, all you have to do is find this unique number. Find this number in the subject of the mail which you receive from the Bluedart. Use this number to send a mail to the [email protected] Give immediately replied with the status of your shipment. 

Send this unique ID of the shipment in the mail. Don’t forget to differ it from everything else; you can take the help of the commas. You can send this mail to the [email protected] How to Track Bludart Courier Online? The answer is Maildart.

You can also use the intimate my option. But what is it? The intimate me option is an option where you would have to send a mail to the [email protected], and you would start receiving emails from the bluedart of the status of your shipment. You would know where the product has reached through the mail. All you need to do is just mention the shipment numbers in the subject of the email separated by the commas. 

Stand Alone Tools

  • Shipdart

Shipdart is the powerful tracking solution made for the regular customers. This is because software has to be installed on the client side. With the help of the shipdart, the customers would be able to get the live status of the shipments. Also, the customers would receive all the information about the pre and the post trackings. In this way, the customers would be able to know everything about the statuses of the shipments. The platform bridges all the gaps between the customer and the shipments. All you need is to download the files from the website of the Bluedart. 

Still can’t find it well, mail to the [email protected] and you would get the link where you would find the links of the software. 

Customized Solutions

Things don’t end here. Bluedart has even got customized solutions for your business. No matter if it is related to anything. Bluedart provides you the tracking solutions for the IT, office automation, durables, pharma, finance and much more. These customized solutions are meant to accelerate the efficiency in the business of these genres. 

How to Track Bludart Courier Online?

You can track the shipments from the 45 days when it is finally dispatched. This is also the answer to the question How many days will Blue Dart take to deliver? This is because this is the maximum time that the bludart can take to deliver stuff. Don’t worry; it wouldn’t even get close to these many days.

You can track these shipments in Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India. All you need to have is the reference number which is a unique number of the shipment, and you are all set to go. 

If the item has been shipped through the bluedart, then it must be having the waybill number or the unique shipment number which ranges from 8 to 11 digits. So in case if you ask how I can track my Bluedart passport? You can refer to the below points:

  •   Select the trackdart on the page.
  •   In the box, write the shipment number so that you can track it. 
  •   If you are willing to search for more than one shipment, then write it separately by the comma.
  •   Click the go button, and you would get the real-time status of the shipments. 

If you are a regular customer, then the bluedart must have given you the reference number. You can use this to track the shipment. Here are some of the instructions to track the shipment:

  •   Select the option of the trackdart.
  •   Write the reference number. If there are more orders, then you should separate it by the commas.
  •   Click the go button and get the status.

So, following the points mentioned above, you will get your answer to how can I track my Bluedart passport? All you need is the waybill number or the reference number. 

Bluedart Customer Care Toll Free Numbers

Still, if you have any of the queries or confusion, then you can contact the below customer care number

  • 18602331234

This number would answer your every query with greater details. 

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