Bank Jobs in India – Available 4 Types Jobs Through Exams

By | August 27, 2020
All Bank Job In India

Bank Jobs in India: In this page, you will get the information about Bank Jobs in India, which are available through exams. So you get the details about all 4 types of bank jobs.

All Bank Job In India


Bank Jobs in India

As we all know that bank jobs are mostly preferable job among the youth. With the help of the perfect salary by adding other amenities, it is a very safe job option.

As we mentioned, this job option is very popular among the youth so, there are many students who are pursuing their education for this job. They also prepare for upcoming bank exams to get posted in any one of the most reputed banks in India.

For getting these jobs, students must require a lot of preparation. And for this, the candidates have to go through different exams and interviews depending on the post they are applying for. For applying for a banking career, in India, at first, you need to know the types of jobs available at Banks.

On a daily basis, the most common posts or jobs for which recruitment campaigns are conducted are as follows:

  1. Clerk
  2. Probationary Officer
  3. Specialist Officer
  4. Managers & above

Four types of Bank Jobs in India available through exams

With the help of 3 cadres, the bank employees have joined the organization. They are Clerk, Probationary Officer or Specialist Officer.

1.Clerk cum Cashier/ Office Assistant

If candidates want to enter the professional banking career, then clerical post in banks is the first step for them. They applying for this job within the eligibility criteria of 12th or equivalent.

Those work which is related to general branch banking which includes addressing the customers, maintaining an account or create reports, or any other work-related to banks ordered by the higher authority such as Officers or Bank Managers, and for these works appointed clerks are designated.

2.Probationary Officers (PO)

PO stands for Probationary Officers is a very popular post in the banking sector. It is applicable to any stream. It is all about direct entry into a banking career for Graduates. At a bank, if an individual is selected in this post, there are a lot of chances that he or she may reach in higher positions like MD or CEO of the bank.

In the banking sector, there are many examples of employees who started as a PO. They have been rewarded via promotions for their excellent performance. Even, they became MDs or CEOs of the bank.

After appointed, candidates will pursue training for assisting the Bank Managers in all departments and also assist for different works assigned by them.

3.Specialist Officers

In the present day, the banking sector has been developed a lot. And for this reason, the demands for specialist officers in departments such as Engineering, Marketing, Public Relations, Systems, Management Agriculture Banking, and Corporate Banking, etc, got an ultimate boost. It is also giving opportunities for those who fit for these jobs.

With the help of the banking sector, many corporate firms take financial help. And for this reason, all the banks require qualified loan officers who could analyze the company’s future and background with the help of the documents to make sure the company’s eligibility. With the help of this process, the repayment of the loan before sanctioning the loan is much easier to be analyzed.

Today, the world is believing in the online method by which all the works became much easier. Thus, every bank is offering online features. This method is a much faster method and with the help of this method, the bank is also connected with its users. So, all the bank’s branches are linked with each other via the internet for assisting them for particular work. Candidates who pursued their studies with B.E. in computer science can easily handle the technical department of the bank.

In India, the Government also takes its part in the development of the agriculture industry. And for this development, in rural areas, several agricultural officers are recruited to support farmers. In subjects to Veterinary Science, Agriculture, Horticulture and other subjects which is related to the agriculture industry, the vacancy for these subject’s, special officers with qualification is very short in banks.

4.Managers/Asst. Managers

The managerial post is very popular among all these banking posts which we mentioned above. This managerial post is filled with the help of the promotions and exams which are held within the banks. For the post of Bank Manager or Assistant Manager, candidates should have the qualification of MBA degree or any other degree with more than 3 years of experience.

We discussed all the above posts are for the public sector banks. The management structure and eligibility criteria of the private sector banks are totally different from the public sector banks.

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