Airtel Message Center Numbers For India’s All States [2021 Updated]

By | January 2, 2021
Airtel Messges Centar Number
Today we are going to tell you about the Airtel Message Center Number and what is airtel SMS center number in this article. You all know that most people use Airtel today and it has millions of users due to which  It is considered to be a very big company. You may have noticed that most of the people often have a sim of airtel as this company always tries to give you better service than others and the main reason for using it is also because of its network.  You can easily find it almost everywhere which is why you can use it in any area.
If you also have an airtel sim then you must have some basic information about it so that you can fix any big or small problem you may have. Airtel Message Center Number is also something like this because if your  If the numbers are deleted or changed then you can’t send any kind of SMS to anyone so many people get very upset while this is a very small problem which you can fix in a minute.
Often people keep asking us related questions over and over again that when we send SMS etc., the error appears again and again and many times even after switching off and opening the phone, this problem is not cured, so people get very upset but SMS can also be due to change or deletion of the center number, so in case of this type of problem, you must follow the method we have mentioned once, this will help you to fix the problem of error SMS.

Airtel SMS Center Number All States

Airtel SMS Centar Number Phone Number
Kolkata  +919845086007
Mumbai  +919898051916
Karnataka  +919845086007
West Bengal  +919932029007
Punjab  +919815051914
Kerala  +919810051905
Telangana  +919849087001
Rajasthan  +919898051914
Andhra Pradesh  +919849087001
Maharastra  +919845086020
Bihar  +919831029416
Chattisgarh  +919845086020
Gujarat  +919831029416
Orissa  +9198180230015
Delhi  +919810051914
Madhya Pradesh  +919845086020
Assam  +9198180230015
Jharkhand  +919845086020
Tamilnadu  +919898051914
Jammu and Kashmir  +919845086007

Airtel Message Center Number

These are different numbers for all the states starting with a country code (+91). They look exactly like the mobile numbers that help send your SMS to everyone’s phone already.  They are saved but many people are not aware of it so they change it and due to this their SMS service is stopped.
These numbers are saved in the SMS settings of your phone and if you want you can go to the SMS settings of your phone and see these numbers and the numbers given to you in its default due to which you can easily send SMS etc. to anyone.  You can send and if you change or delete these numbers without any information then after that you will send an SMS to someone from your phone then you are shown error again and again.
If you or someone else has removed the Airtel SMS Center Number from your phone then you need not worry at all as we are telling you the message center numbers to all the states.  Go to the SMS setting and save, then your SMS service will start back and you will be able to send SMS to anyone.

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